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We give GP’s and other referring specialists the information they need to refer their patients appropriately. Our proven suite of tools are transforming relationships between health professionals.

  • Here to help – our role is to make life easier.
  • Attentive – we’ll work closely with you and listen to your needs.
  • Details matter – we care that your phone number is correct, and we’re are here to get it right.
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Cervin Media is a family business focused on nurturing long term relationships. For us technology is a tool that should make life easier, empowering people to come together and provide quality care.

Our people are accessible, visible and here to help. Just as our tools help health professionals be accessible, visible and empowered to care.


Anne-Marie Cervin 
Managing Director


Debbie Bishop
Account Manager

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Nicole Matthews
Client Services

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Cathy Betty
Operations Manager

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Stuart Sue
Senior Mac Operator

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Randy An
Web Developer


Dr Carmel Cervin
General Manager

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Zina Buddhacharya
Account Manager

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Amy Hill
Client Services

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Suzanne Vale
Executive Advisor

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Thomas Chang
Web Developer


Michael Li
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Eric Dunn
GP Liaison

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Monica Lynch
Production Coordinator

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Athulya Mohandas
Client Services

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Amy Moyle
Client Services

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Ming Kong
Web Developer


Our Story

We are delighted that our tools, both in print and online, are making a real difference in the daily life of health professionals and patients throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The team at Cervin Media are a buzz with excitement. Recent years have seen us rising to a challenge – embracing and making technology work as it should.

A key part of our success has always been to invite and work with all health professionals in delivering our services and with nearly all NZ specialists now receiving electronic referrals through the SR – Specialists & Referrals service we can see a raft of new opportunities and benefits emerging – such as SR e-Learning.

The success of our SR service also highlights the potential for a similar time-saving electronic referral form service to deliver real benefits to Australian GP’s and specialists. We are very excited to be introducing this successful model to Australia. In New Zealand there have now been over 300,000 referrals and counting.

As we continue to develop and evolve our services we remain centered on our mission of transforming healthcare relationships. Growing health care businesses through helping health professionals be accessible, visible and empowered to care.

Dr Carmel Cervin

General Manager

Cervin Media Ltd

Our Beginnings

In 1991 I spotted an information gap in the health sector at a visit to my local GP.

In 1989 my wife, Anne-Marie, and I along with two friends set up a publishing company at our house. For several years we produced annual community directories for councils throughout the country, before deciding to create our own directories in the education sector based on the same business model – directories with quality information funded by advertising/listings and distributed free to a niche market.

In 1991 I decided to expand and create a directory in the health sector, and for months I constantly tried to find an information gap in the health sector. One day as I was taking my son to the doctor I began to think about the information a GP needed. In my mind I ran through a GP’s consultation process with a patient – discussion, examination, prescription and possible referral to a medical specialist. I knew GPs had an annual publication about the different medicines, but I suspected that they didn’t have organised information on all the different specialists.

At the end of the consultation the GP said that if the prescribed medicine didn’t work he would refer my son to a specialist. I asked him how he knew which specialist to refer a patient. He showed me a folder that contained a stapled list of specialists the medical centre used. The folder also contained business cards, and some specialists had sent him letters with detailed information about their areas of expertise, which he said was very useful. I suggested that what GPs needed was a comprehensive directory updated annually with detailed information on specialists – he agreed that this was a good idea. I had found an information gap!

Within a month my wife, Anne-Marie, and I wrote to every specialist in New Zealand inviting them to participate in the first edition of our new annual publication about to be distributed free to every GP in the country – The New Zealand Medical Specialists & Hospitals Directory. Some 25 years later a greatly expanded and developing version of this directory in NZ and Australia can now be found on our websites aushealthpages.com.au and in SR – Specialists & Referrals in Medtech.

Maurice Cervin

Director Cervin Media

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