SR Specialists & Referrals

Delivering Referrals

Proven electronic referral service coming soon for Australian Doctors and Specialists

  • Cervin Media, working with HealthLink, are pleased to bring Australian private specialists a new free electronic referral service – known as SR Specialists & Referrals.
  • The service sees the Medical Specialists Directory integrated within GP software, giving GPs the ability to search, select and refer electronically to all specialists in the directory. 
  • All specialists registered with HealthLink will receive their SR Referrals either directly into their EMR or with an email notification through the HealthLink Portal (for any EMR’s that are not compatible with HealthLink).

Ready for Electronic Referrals?

  • Appropriate Referrals – Have your services and profile visible helping GP’s refer appropriately.
  • Integration & Efficiency – Receive referrals direct to your inbox or through the online Portal.
  • Referral Control – Pro-actively call patients to book appointments – avoid missing referrals.
  • Safer & Easier – Exchange complete, detailed, legible electronic medical information.
  • Easy to Update – SR Directory is fully maintained – your contact details can be easily updated anytime.
  • Fully Supported – SR team is experienced in helping GP’s and Specialists with their referral queries.

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